Quality Alliance

Quality is the measure of compliance

Product authorization is a health of our citizens

The company QUALITY ALLIANCE LLC has been successfully operating for 5 years in the sphere of quality proving. QUALITYALLIANCE LLC operates all the necessary proceedings such as investigations and expertise for enforcement the procedure ofproduct state registration according to the system of GOST (State Standard) or declarations of product compliance.

We deal with as domestic manufactures as importers
Our services are in use by domestic manufactures as well as by importers, because we fulfill the package plan in the sphere of quality proving (releasing of state - recognized documents) for customs and product implementation in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Work with us! We assure you quality guarantee

Sergey - Sales director and Head of Regulatory Affairs Department for nondomestic manufactured products

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 Email: d.sales@qallc.ru
 Skype: director.sales1

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